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Negotiation is truly an art and if done correctly can lead to a win-win situation between you and your New Jersey wedding vendors where all parties feel good with the outcome. If done poorly, you may be paying more for your New jersey wedding than you need to, or you may be saving money but receiving substandard service. Here are some tips to avoid the pitfalls of poor negotiation:

1. Don't make a decision without comparison shopping
In order to negotiate from a position of strength you need to do your research. Know your requirements, your wish list, vendor availability and rates. Make sure you get multiple quotes based on the same criteria so that you can determine what sets the vendors apart and where you need to place your focus when it comes to negotiation.

2. Don't succumb to pressure tactics
You may be at a bridal show and told that the deal is only good for the day or requested to sign an agreement immediately upon being in contact with a vendor to obtain a special promotion. These are pressure tactics to get you to commit on the spot and can result in regrets particularly since you don't have the time to evaluate the offering objectively in a removed setting.

3. Don't be overly aggressive, negative or confrontational
Being overly aggressive and or confrontational is counterproductive to the negotiation strategy and can be very off-putting to a wedding vendor. In this context if you get a good deal you will have lost the respect of the wedding vendor possibly resulting in substandard service. Entering negotiation with a negative approach on the outcome can also set you up for failure. Typically if you don't think you're going to get something you probably won't. If you ask: "You can't give me a deal on that can you?" you are more inclined to get a negative response versus asking "What is your best deal?"

4. Don't forget that relationship is central to negotiation
The best negotiators are those that can effectively build relationships. The key to building a relationship is understanding where the other party is coming from. As a negotiator you need to realize that both parties need to be heard and feel that they are gaining from the deal. Using language that brings both parties together suggesting shared ownership and teamwork is highly effective in establishing a willingness to make concessions. Don't forget that you will need to be flexible as well to show that you are invested in the relationship.

5. Don't focus only on cost
Many people mistakenly assume that the sole focus of negotiation is about bringing the cost down. While cost is certainly a factor in weddings don't overlook exploring other avenues such as an increase in package offering, service time, number of dedicated staff and selection upgrades. The realization that you can negotiate an upgrade on a package might be even more enticing to than negotiating on the cost of the original offering so don't overlook asking for more.
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