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Choosing your groomsmen can be about as delicate a task. Your best buddies, college roommates, brothers, cousins, and even long-lost elementary school friends may be vying for the coveted position of best man. After all, they'd get to know the bridesmaids a little better. Wondering who to choose for your groomsmen and how to go about it without bruising any egos? Read on.

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How Many Groomsmen?
You can choose as many or as few groomsmen as you like. The groomsmen often wear two hats, doubling as ushers and seating the guest. (In general, you'll need one usher for every 50 guests.) The groomsmen also escort the bridesmaids down the aisle, so you may want to keep the boy/girl ratio even, although that's up to you and your fiancee. If you decide to have just a few groomsmen but would like to include more friends or male relatives, get them in on the action by having them just seat your guests. That way you'll be able to include everyone and avoid bitter comments at the reception.

What about her brother or your sister?
The choice is yours and yours alone, right? Well, the choice of best man should be yours, but your bride may have her heart set on a favorite brother as groomsman. As long as you can stand the guy, you'd do well to play along. The opposite is true, too: If you'd like your favorite sister to serve as bridesmaid, your bride will probably agree. You needn't stick with tradition, though. If you two are open-minded types, your sister can stand on your side -- in an official groomsman role -- and your fiancee's brother can stand on her side.

Selecting Your Best Man
Who to pick for the sought after role of best man? Well, for starters, he should have a modicum of taste, since he'll make the first toast at the reception and you’d probably prefer that he avoid any inappropriate remarks. He should also be responsible, since he'll hold the ring until you slip it onto your new wife's finger. Plus, the more dependable the fellow, the more wedding-related duties you can give to him. Most importantly -- he should be fun, fun, fun, since it's his job to organize the bachelor party. Choose someone who's an active part of your life and your fiancee's life.


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