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1  You WILL tire from talking about weddings

If you're already married, you're convinced that you weren't this detail obsessed when planning your own wedding day; if you're not married, you've taken a vow that you will never, ever ask anyone to go through the humiliation you have endured for BFF's wedding day.
2   And there’s that dress
No, not The Dress - rather, the one you're being made to wear. Obviously you appreciate that it's the bride's choice (despite your subtle hints that you might maybe like to pick your own bridesmaid gown) and that it's her wedding day and all . . . but there is no excuse ever to wear Pepto Bismol Pink.
3  And there's also all the opinions
Opinions you didn’t even knew you had! From cake choices to the font used in the invitations, you've been asked for your opinions on it all.  It's flattering that the bride hold your opinion in high regard, you thought - but then, you ended up having a long debate about the merits of a having harpist for the ceremony that you drifted off into an out-of-body experience.
4  You've now considered concocting stomachaches to avoid wedding planning sessions
Not that you ever actually would, of course.  Partly because you fear what the bride would do if she found out you told a little white lie . . . yet also because you are obviously her good friend.
5  Yet, organizing her bachelorette party was fun
Your main priority of any bachelorette party is to make sure the bride has fun and your savvy hiring of that stripper saw fit to that.  All the covert planning and secret emails made you feel like a bridal spy!
6  Add therapist to your resume now
You and the bride have spent hours of quality time going over her hopes and fears, like discussing the seating plan for feuding family members.
7  BTW, you’ll be hanging out with the bridesmaids
You've watched the movie, Bridesmaids.  A good relationship with the other members of the bridal party is almost an unspoken law: you simply must gel so as to make things joyful for the bride.
8  You will remember everything on The Big Day
And we mean everything!  The bride's lipstick, the name of the groom's mother and the magic words that will get the little flower girls to stop having tantrums.  Of course, it's nothing that you can't handle.  Just keep on smiling!
9  Don't forget your sensible shoes and tissues
Both are wedding day essentials.  Tissues are crucial for those who get swept up in the emotions of the day and sensible shoes will make dancing the night away a whole lot easier.
10  You will feel very, very happy when it's over!
You did it!  You've helped and watched your best friend marry the man of her dreams and waved them happily off to their honeymoon.  Plus, the Hot Pink dress wasn't so hideous after all. You feel like a triumphant athlete who's just crossed the finish line in first place - and all while wearing sensible shoes.  Kudos to you!

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