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Looking for something BLUE?

You can't go wrong with a blue garter or shoes that match your bridal gown, yet a playful chic choice this year is BLUE satin pumps!  In addtion, the same goes for a stunning BLUE bag!  They will add a splash of color when you are looking for that special something blue!

Every Bride is familiar with the poetic prose requiring her to wear Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue on her wedding day…and let’s not forget the silver sixpence in her shoe.

Most even willingly oblige to this customary tradition, yet most don’t know how or why the ritual became part of matrimonial formality.

Something Old:
This part of the “ancient” custom originated as a representation of the bride’s old live and her “former” family. Getting married meant she would leave her life and her family behind to start anew with her husband. Wearing something old commemorated her family in her heart, showing that she still loved and remembered them.

Something New:
This serves as a token of “good fortune”, happiness, and success for the bride and her new life.

Something Borrowed:
According to custom, the bride was suppose to borrow something from a happily married women to bestow the same blessings on her, her marriage, and her future.

Something Blue:
Blue traditionally exemplified purity and innocence. Wearing something blue was a sign and promise to the husband of his wife’s (carnal) innocence and purity.

Silver Sixpence:
While many of today’s brides replace this with a penny, the basic representation remains the same. Putting a silver sixpence or penny in her shoe is supposed to ensure a financially and spiritually abundant future, and a blessed married life.

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