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There is a lot more to being married than the wedding ceremony.  It is only when you are able to share everything with each other that you will be able to build a strong marriage and relationship. Knowledge is power so never leave the other person guessing or wondering.  To do this bring everything to the table and be completely open to constructive criticism.  Practice communication and exercise common sense in your marriage and you can meet most of your life’s challenges head on.  Here are some great tips to deal with any bad financial habits or shortcomings the each may have or need to overcome.

1. Do you really know everything you need to know about your spouse’s financial history?

2. It is better to pool resources for joint duties (example, kids education fund, mortgage, utilities, pets, car payments/transportation and food) you get the picture.

3. Agree on how much each person has to contribute monthly, weekly to these common elements that you are each jointly responsible for yearly.

4. Maintain individual bank accounts just as you did when you were single and have your pay check go into your separate accounts monthly or weekly.

5. Work out a monthly budget and agree how much each will contribute.

6. Plan for breakfast, lunches and dinner - if you have to save to buy a home this will allow you to control spending and provide some extra dollars for your down-payment.

7. Allocate money for entertainment (movies, gym memberships, travel, vacation, camping, etc.)

8. Once a month review your plan and see if you need to make any adjustments to it. Take this time to communicate with each other. Be frank and explore what you like or don’t like about the plan, be totally honest with each other.

9. Keep each other informed about your individual jobs so you know what paths your careers are on and if you are enjoying work or if you are having issues that could impact your earning potential.

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