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What to Know After the Wedding
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After the Wedding - Newlyweds To Do List

newlywed tips, newlywed advice, newlyweds, marriage advice

Congratulations and welcome to our post wedding After The Wedding services! 

Your To Do's after your I Do's!
Attention Newlyweds:  There are a number of essentials you want when planning your life after the wedding.  We offer newlyweds post wedding services to begin your marriage: after the dance . . . after the cake . . . forever after! Click below on our favorite links:

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newlywed tips, newlywed advice, newlyweds, marriage advice

After the Wedding To-Do-List -Answering Your Newywed Questions

Write & Mail Out Your Thank You Cards

As soon as you return from your honeymoon, get to work on those ever-important thank you cards.  They can take more time to write than you think!  Take a moment to include a personal note in each to show your wedding guests how much you appreciate not only the generous gift, but also that they shared in your special day.  Have all of your thank you notes in the mail by, at most, three months after the wedding.  TIP: To avoid getting overwhelmed, figure out how many you need to write and divide them into manageable chunks to tackle nightly over several weeks.  If you can get your husband involved, the task will be a lot less daunting!

Tackle Wedding Gift Returns

If you end up with certain items you do not want to keep, don’t let those coffee makers collect dust in your closet, return them!  Most stores will take post wedding returns up to 90 days after your wedding date, so get a jump on the returns.  Bonus: then you will get a store credit that you can use for something else!

Change Your Name and Get Legally and Financially Organized

Change your name on all your important documents and then start to think about the other legal aspects that changed when you tied the knot.  Are you and your husband merging your finances?  Will you be filing your taxes jointly or separately?  What about insurance?  Beneficiaries?  No one enjoys having these conversations however; they are important!

newlywed tips, newlywed advice, newlyweds, marriage advice

Marriage Advice for Newlyweds

How to make a marriage work for the long haul. Here is some marriage wisdom worth taking to heart:
  • Love is an action verb. Love your spouse actively, every day.
  • Argue all you want, but it shouldn't be you vs. your spouse. Be team players, not opponents. You are working towards a common cause: A happy, healthy, productive life together. It should be you TOGETHER vs. the problem.
  • There is more than one so-called "right way" to do something (e.g. load the dishwasher, fold the laundry, etc).
  • Never stop dating each other!
  • When you are angry and having a fight, refrain from hurtful name calling of any kind.
  • Make sure that you make time for sex.
  • Choose your battles. Sometimes you just need to breathe and carry on. Maturely communicate!
  • Always have each other's back in public. Never belittle your spouse. 
  • Show appreciation! Always say thank you, even for little things. Being married to someone doesn't make you entitled to anything that they do for you.
  • Arguing occurs when being right is more important than listening to your spouse and being happy.
  • Don't sweat the small stuff . . . let it go. Be considerate and do small gestures.
  • No matter how frustrated you are, look for something to be thankful for in your spouse. It will help calm you and give you a moment to clear your head.
  • Kiss EVERYDAY.
  • Keep listening and learning about each other.
  • Don't argue in bed at bedtime or you most likely will not get a good night's sleep.
  • Put each other first. If you are more concerned about each others' needs, you won't have many problems.
newlywed tips, newlywed advice, newlyweds, marriage advice

An After the Wedding Idea

Take time after the wedding and really reminisce about it!  Trade stories and recall your wedding guests.  This will really help you appreciate their love and support!

newlywed tips, newlywed advice, newlyweds, marriage advice
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newlywed tips, newlywed advice, newlyweds, marriage advice
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