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Looking for the Ultimate Tuxedo? 

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Look stylish on your wedding day!
  Experience Formal Wear Perfection at BestWeddingNJ.com!  With over 35 years of experience in formal wear, our Master Tailors properly outfit the members of your wedding party, including out-of-town ushers and last minute guests on the spot!  Come discover the finest, Top Quality & Updated Inventory for rental or purchase.  Our reputable, professional formal wear counselors will help you choose the tuxedo that is best for your budget and the look you want. 

For that personal touch, our expert tailors will make sure that you get the best personalized fit and look terrific!  Our NJ tuxedo specialists will ensure a proper fit for big, tall and athletic builds as well.  Grooms & groomsmen, we invite you to select your formal NJ wedding attire by trying on the latest sensational styles in tuxedos and accessories.  Choose a tuxedo from our world famous Designer Collection today! 
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nj tuxedos, nj tuxedo rental, tuxedos new jersey, tuxedo rental new jersey

Things to be considered when choosing Tuxedo Attire:

Bride's Dress Color
Bridesmaids' Dress Color
Moms' Dress Color
Ring Bearer - to get measured 2 weeks before
Groomsmen - height and weight

nj tuxedos, nj tuxedo rental, tuxedos new jersey, tuxedo rental new jersey

Who do we suggest wear Tuxedos?

Best Man
Ring Bearer
Father of Bride
Father of Groom
Grandfather of Bride
Grandfather of Groom

nj tuxedos, nj tuxedo rental, tuxedos new jersey, tuxedo rental new jersey
Choosing a Tuxedo for your Body Type

For the most important occasions of your life, don't compromise on your formalwear.

Short, Slender Grooms:

Take a look at single-breasted jackets with long lines, a low button stance (to elongate your body), with wide peak lapels. Other stylish options include wearing a double-breasted tuxedo jacket or subtly patterned vest and tie. Selecting the right pant style is key, too. Reverse double-pleated pant leg should always break slightly on top of the shoe and angle a bit downward in the back.

Short, Stocky Grooms:

Are you athletic with a muscular body type? Then you will look best in tuxedo jackets with slim shawl collars. The top button should fall at the small of the waist to give your torso a leaner look. Also, choose a jacket with a natural shoulder line and try to avoid the more broad European styles. When it comes to pants, reverse double-pleated trousers with pleats extending toward the pockets tend to offer the best comfort and style. Pants should extend as low as possible on the foot, angled slightly in the back to elongate the leg. Be sure to avoid too much of a break on the foot, otherwise the pant leg will look sloppy.

Tall, Husky Grooms:

If you have broad shoulders with a muscular frame, you will look best in shawl collar tuxedos. The jacket length is especially important too. To determine a good fit, place your arms at your sides and relax your hands and fingers. Your fingertips should touch the bottom of the jacket and the shirt cuffs should extend at least half an inch beyond the jacket sleeve. The construction of the jacket may need to be a bit loose to provide ease of movement. Also, the thicker your neck and wider your face, you should try to avoid ties that are too narrow and wing tip collars that look constrictive. Instead, opt for lay-down collars and fuller bow ties. And the pant leg should have a slightly wider silhouette to accommodate muscular thighs.

Tall, Slim Grooms:

You will look great in just about every tuxedo style. An especially good choice is a double-breasted tuxedo with slightly broad shoulders and a suppressed waist. Jackets that button closed up high on the waistline look especially good, and a high shoulder line is better than a natural one. Garments should be full, while still following the lines of the body, and trousers should also have a higher-rise with more of a break in the pant. This figure type can easily wear vests and ties in colors and patterns.

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Wedding Tuxedo Tips:

  • The groom and groomsmen (including the bride’s father) usually all dress similarly for the wedding.  Sometimes the groom will choose to look a little different, either by wearing a different vest or tie, but dressing all the groomsmen in the same tuxedos really looks great on the big wedding day!
  • To play it safe, make sure you order your wedding tuxedo no less than three months ahead of your New Jersey wedding.
  • Look at the latest wedding tuxedo styles keeping in mind the style of your New Jersey wedding.
  • Try tuxedos on to see which wedding tuxedo styles suit you best.
  • Give out tuxedo measurement forms to your wedding party.
  • Make sure all the groomsmen have black socks to wear with their tuxedos.
  • Make sure to try on the shoes!
nj tuxedos, nj tuxedo rental, tuxedos new jersey, tuxedo rental new jersey
Tuxedo Formal Wear Glossary of Terms


Tuxedo: A single or double breasted jacket with matching trousers for formal or semi-formal evening events.

Cutaway or Stroller: For formal or daytime weddings, the groom wears the cutaway / morning coat, which tapers from the front waist button to a long, wide back tail. The cutaway jacket is either black or grey and is worn with matching striped trousers.

Dinner Jacket: A white or ivory jacket with black formal trousers is an ideal option in Spring and Summer months or year-round in warmer climates.

White Tie: This is a classic choice for an ultra formal evening event. The tailcoat jacket is short in front with two long black tails. A white pique wing collar shirt, vest and tie are also worn.

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Tuxedo jackets come with three basic lapel styles. Some are more flattering to certain body types. Choosing the lapel that is right for you is a matter of taste.

Notch: A triangle indention is cut where the lapel joins the collar. This is the least formal lapel style.

Peak: A broad V-shaped lapel that points up and out just below the collar line.

Shawl: A smooth, rounded lapel with no notch.

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White pique shirt: This standard style dress shirt is made from white pique fabric, which has some texture. Wear it with a white tie and vest.

Sleeves: As for sleeve cuffs, you have a few options: standard dress-shirt cuffs held together with cuff links; French cuffs, which are folded over and closed with cuff links; and cuffs that close with a button. The choice is yours, but, in general, formal shirts call for cuff links.

The main difference between shirt styles is in the collar.

Band or Mandarin Collar: A collar that stands up around the neck and above the buttons. This is the most contemporary style tuxedo shirt. If ties put you in mind of a hangman's noose, try this shirt: You can wear it without a tie.

Wing Collar: Similar to the band collar but the two turned down points in front give the appearance of a spread collar. This is the most formal choice and the collar style most often worn with tuxedo jackets.

Spread Collar: Similar to a man's standard button front shirt, it folds over and around the neck with a wide division between points in front. The wider collar makes it a good choice with a Euro tie or a standard necktie tied Windsor style.

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Ascot: A wide necktie that is looped over and held in place beneath the chin with a tie tack or stick pin. Usually reserved for ultra-formal daytime weddings and worn with a cutaway coat and striped gray trousers.

Bolo tie: You go, cowboy! If you're having a Western-themed wedding, live in Santa Fe, or are a working broncobuster, this stringy tie is for you. But if your bride has other visions in her head, think again before breaking out your turquoise-studded bolo tie for the wedding, and go instead for something more classic.

Bow Tie: A short tie shaped like a bow that can be worn with a wing or spread collar. A bow tie adjusts to fit any neck size and are probably the thing to wear with a classic tux. They come in several colors besides basic black, white is usually reserved for super-formal events, and colored bow ties are suitable for any occasion. You can match the wedding colors, but basic black is far classier, so think twice before ordering that fuchsia tie.

Cuff Links: These little babies can make or break an outfit. If you want style, tryilluminated cufflinks or have an inset color other than black. If simple elegance is your style, stick with black cuff links outlined in gold or silver. Who knows? Maybe your bride will give you a set as a groom gift on the big day.

Cummerbunds: A silk or satin sash as an alternative to a vest, to be worn at the waist and covering the waistband. A cummerbund should be worn with the pleats facing upward. Usually basic black, but you can choose from colored cummerbunds to match the bridesmaid dresses or the wedding colors.

Euro Tie: This is a hybrid between an ascot tie and a regular, run-of-the-mill necktie. A long knotted square bottom neck tie worn with a wing or spread collar shirt. This type offers a more formal look that«s not as all-out as an ascot.

Necktie: If you have an office job, you probably own a slew of these. They're also called four-in-hands and are perfect for more casual -- yet still elegant -- wedding looks. Important tip: Breaking out your tie-die necktie to lighten up your wedding tux is definitely not funny. Go for silk in silver or blue.

Pocket Square: A small pocket handkerchief tucked into the left breast pocket worn by groomsmen instead of a boutonniere. It is generally made of silk, linen, or another fine fabric and comes in solid colors or prints to coordinate with the tie or cummerbund.

Studs: Jewelry similar to cuff links that are used to close the front of a tuxedo shirt.

Suspenders: Also referred to as braces, these can be worn with a cummerbund in a coordinating color or pattern.

Vest: For an ultra-formal evening wedding, clad yourself in a white tie and waistcoat. Or choose a colored waistcoat instead of a cummerbund, popular in Britain. Vests let men in the wedding party lend a bit of personality to their looks and they come in a full back, half back and open back.

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Tails or tailcoat: Yep, these tails are talking to you. The eponymous tails actually have tails, with a two- to six-button front. Generally worn at ultra-formal evening weddings.

Tuxedo: A tuxedo jacket can be single-breasted (with a one- to four-button front) or double-breasted (with a two- to six-button front) and is worn at formal or semiformal evening events. The basic tux comes in a variety of flavors. Pick single- or double-breasted with one of three lapels: peaked, notched, or shawl. Wear it with black, satin-striped trousers.

Mandarin: This jacket features a stand-up collar with no lapel and is worn with a Mandarin-collared shirt. Hint: This combo provides a sneaky way to avoid wearing a tie.

Cutaway: For formal daytime weddings, the groom wears the cutaway coat -- short in the front, long in the back, and tapering from the front waist button to a wide back tail. Cutaway jackets are either black or gray and are worn with matching striped trousers.

Stroller coat: This semiformal jacket is a semi-formal suit jacket cut like a tuxedo. Usually charcoal gray or black and typically worn in the daytime.


If you choose a formal tuxedo, your trousers (or kilt in some cases) should match your jacket in style and color. If you'll be in a formal daytime wedding and will wear a stroller coat or cutaway coat, wear gray or gray pinstriped trousers.

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Did you know?

The tuxedo was invented by Pierre Lorillard IV of New York for a specific, rather informal occasion.  The Lorillards were tobacco magnates and they owned land in Tuxedo Park, New York, a town about forty miles north of Manhattan. Hence, the jacket was named for the town of its debut.

For Tuxedo's Autumn Ball of 1886, Pierre Lorillard IV, the heir to the family fortune, decided to wear something less formal than the black tie and tails that was the traditional men's formalwear in the early 1800s in Britain.  Pierre designed several coats that were black but without tails, shaped like the red jackets worn for fox hunts.  A tailor custom-made the coats hoever; on the night of the Ball Lorillard did not go through with his plan.  Nevertheless, his more impulsive son, Griswold, and many of his friends did wear the revolutionary jackets, adding to the ensemble scarlet vests in honor of the riding coats that had inspired the elder Lorillard.  The lofty social status of the young men wearing the splendid outfit soon resulted in it becoming the new fashion style!  Today, it is almost impossible to envisage a wedding without the tuxedo!

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