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How to Sooth your Wedding Nerves

Congratulations!  You are ready to say, "I do!"  Getting married is one of the most beautiful and memorable times of your life.  However, it can easily become one of the most stressful!  With all the many decisions that you have to make, with all the expenses and deadlines, and with family members' input, it is easy to see why even the most well-intentioned couple can become frazzled.  Obviously, stress is not healthy for the bride-to-be.  It is a known fact that stress affects one's physical, emotional and mental health.  It can also take its toll on your appearance.  In addition, it may cause a bride to overeat or under eat resulting in a weight change after you have been fitted for your wedding dress.  So what is a bride to do?  BestWeddingNJ.com offers the following wedding planning solutions to help you deal with any stress that might arise and teach you how to stay in balance:

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Treat Your Body Right 

Remember to take a deep breath!   The breath is more than we know. It contains prana, our life force energy.  Taking a breath is the first thing you did when you were born.  You can live for a while without food and water, but not without breathing.  So make sure as soon as you feel any stress coming on, pause, and then take a deep breath and fill your body with love.  Write a few post it notes with just the word, BREATHE" on them.  Then place them in strategic places like on your makeup mirror, in your wallet, on your night table, etc. to remind yourself to breathe.  This will help you to remove yourself from the drama.  Shift your attention and attitude to focus on the "reason" you are getting married instead.  Breathe and say an affirmation, "I am getting married to remember love!"

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Have an Exercise Routine 

Exercise can do wonders for your mood and appearance.  Aim for 30 minutes of daily exercise.  A brisk walk will get your blood pumping.  Walking is also very meditative.  It can be used to help you sought out your problems and get your creative juices flowing.  Exercise will keep your skin glowing and fuel your entire body with energy.  It will help you reach your ideal weight for your wedding day without drastic diets.

Schedule Time For You

Be sure to schedule time for non-wedding-related activities.  From meeting with wedding officiants to selecting your wedding cake, a bride's schedule is packed with appointments.  This is why it is important to take time each day to breathe, unwind and make an appointment for you to relax on your calendar.  Don't forget to create some relaxing time for you!

Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!

Don't be afraid to delegate some of the wedding responsibilities to others.  Sure you want to have control over all your wedding planning.  However, taking on all the responsibility could shatter your nerves.  You have chosen a fiancé and a bridal party for a good reason.  Don't be afraid to enlist their help.  They may surprise you.  It is human nature to want to give of oneself.  Reserve the big decisions for yourself and delegate out smaller tasks and enlist their ideas.  If your friends or relatives offer to help you, take them up on it.  When you do not allow another to give of their self, you deny them pleasure!

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Follow Your Budget

A good portion of wedding stress can be money related.  Discuss with your fiancé your wedding budget plans.  Sit down and make a list of what you can and cannot afford.  Comparison shop when you are out looking for wedding vendors.  This way you will not be surprised when you are out writing checks or getting your credit card bills. 
Keep stress levels to the minimum.  Remember, your wedding planning and wedding day is meant to be joyous!  Create the wedding experience you deserve!  If you happen to live in New Jersey, Best Wedding NJ has put together the ultimate New Jersey wedding services for you to make your wedding planning a breeze!

May you begin a lifetime of love and happiness!

Rev. Diane Cuesta
Owner of BestWeddingNJ.com

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