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Our Sweet Wedding Candy Buffet!
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The Ultimate Wedding Candy Buffet!

wedding candy, candy buffets, wedding candy buffet, candy buffet table

How sweet it is!
  Have a Sugar Rush!  The wedding candy buffet has become a sweet, grand finale tradition for wedding receptions.  Whether it's a Wedding, Communion or Special Event, our wedding candy designer can customize a yummy gourmet wedding candy buffet perfect for your special event.  From mouth-watering chocolate indulgences to sugar-free treats, we have you covered! 

Make your wedding day even sweeter!  Book a candy buffet today!  This is a confectionery heaven that comes to your party, office, corporate or special event chock full of decadent wedding candy treats to please your palette!  We can provide you with everything from cupcakes and cheesecakes to almonds and granola bars. There are dozens of wedding candy buffet options for you!

If you have specific selections and ideas for your wedding candy buffet, our candy expert will incorporate this into your design.  Decadent and appealing, our distinctive candy buffet dessert bar will make your celebration unique and special! 

We look forward to tempting your tastebuds!

wedding candy, candy buffets, wedding candy buffet, candy buffet table

Call now for a FREE consultation to personalize your one-of-a-kind wedding candy buffet!  Call 732-262-3037 today or contact us on the form below. 

Best Wedding NJ guarantees that you will have a wedding candy buffet everyone will remember!



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wedding candy, candy buffets, wedding candy buffet, candy buffet table

Wedding Candy Buffets bring out the kid in you!

The self-serve wedding candy buffet is one of the latest trends in New Jersey weddings today!  Wedding candy buffets not only add fun and color to the wedding reception, but also take the bride and bridegroom back to their childhood days.  It's sure to bring out the inner kid in everyone!  We provide to-go bags so your guests can satisfy their sweet tooth long after the party ends!

Wedding Candy Buffets bring a SMILE on everybody's face and add that extra touch of excitement to your special wedding day!

wedding candy, candy buffets, wedding candy buffet, candy buffet table

Choosing Candy for your Wedding Candy Buffet

While choosing candies with our wedding candy expert for your wedding candy bar buffet, consider your wedding theme, colors, and your favorite candies.  Wedding candy buffets inspired by the candy selections are very captivating at the wedding reception.

Wedding candy bar buffets with coordinated colors appear far better than the random-colored ones.  Depending on your wedding ideas, you can choose from these candy buffet ideas: Red and white candies go great with love themes; pink and white candies for pink parades, and blue and green candies for seaside splendor.  Your wedding candy buffet bars can also be based upon seasons, colors and flavors.  A candy crush topiary with candy mountains, lollipop bouquets, candy tiers, etc. are also very attractive at weddings.  Luscious chocolate candies can be personalized as well, with chocolate roses or lollipops with the bride and groom's name on them.

wedding candy, candy buffets, wedding candy buffet, candy buffet table

Candy Wedding Favor Ideas 

Besides being a fun treat at the reception, wedding candy buffets are also a great way to thank your guests for attending your wedding.  Who can resist chocolate and toothsome candy wedding favors?!  
Provide personalized candy wedding favor bags or boxes for guests to take home their wedding candy can serve as a great candy wedding favor!

Guests enjoy the nostalgic childhood moments while choosing their own candies at the wedding candy buffet.  Little sachets with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date are also great!

wedding candy, candy buffets, wedding candy buffet, candy buffet table
A wedding candy buffet is an all-time crowd-pleaser!  

While setting up a candy buffet, the sky is the limit and one can be as creative as one can be!  (For the diabetic guests, you can have a separate counter with sugar-free candies.) 

Wedding Candy Buffets are a creative way to display and serve candy treats to your wedding guests.  New Jersey Wedding candy buffets can be created in many unique ways that can match the colors and theme of your New Jersey wedding.  The delish wedding candy buffet can be displayed before, during or after the reception meal to give your guests a sweet candy treat.

Designate an area of the room for your wedding candy buffet. If your wedding candy buffet is going to be large, give it a separate table. Keep in mind that children are going to be attracted to your wedding candy buffet. If there will be children at your NJ wedding, you may want to keep the wedding candy buffet behind a counter or curtain until serving time

Select the types of candy you want to use. Combine several types and colors of candy to create a colorful wedding candy buffet. You can also choose to coordinate the wedding candy buffet with your wedding colors and decorations. Use hard wrapped or unwrapped candies, that do not melt easily, to create the color pattern you desire.

Choose the types of containers for your candy buffet. Clear glass vases, glasses and bowls allow you to see the candy inside. Other containers such as colored bowls, boxes or baskets can be used as well. Use different shapes and sizes to create a fun and unique wedding candy buffet. Find containers that fit with your wedding reception theme that looks good with the candy.

Decorate the candy table. Use a colorful tablecloth and add candles, ribbons, flowers, etc. to make it beautiful. You can also surround the wedding candy buffet with photos of the Bride and Groom. Match or color-coordinate the wedding candy buffet decorations with the colors of the candy and wedding.

Your candy buffet service. You may want to have someone seated at or standing behind the wedding candy buffet, ready to serve your guests. This will help prevent a mess and will be especially useful if there are children attending. Or you can allow your wedding guests to serve themselves. Be sure to have tongs and other serving ware for your guests to use. Have small cups or bowls for the guests to fill with candy. This will also help control the candy portions to ensure that each guest receives candy.

Your Candy Buffet Presentation

Use a candy color scheme that matches your wedding palette. Wedding colors aren’t just for the flowers and bridesmaids dresses! Taking advantage of the colors you have already chosen can enhance your candy buffet table’s presence!

Create depth and height in your candy bar display. With simple boxes you can sculpt a beautiful landscape on your table! You can wrap the boxes in decorative paper, or even leave them bare and covered with matching linens for a refined, free-flowing cascade.

Take advantage of your centerpieces: whether they be flowers, candles, etc., using an extra centerpiece or two will not only tie into the rest of your reception, but it can also add life and freshness to your candy table.

Consider the candy buffet table - Where will the candy buffet be located? Will there be a nice backdrop or wall behind it for pictures? Or will it be open so people can access it from all sides? Will it even have sides, or will it be round? 

wedding candy, candy buffets, wedding candy buffet, candy buffet table
Popular Candy Buffet Sayings
1. Sweet Dreams
2. How sweet it is . . . to be in love?
3. Love is Sweet!  Enjoy a Candy Treat!
4. Enjoy the Sugar Rush!
5. Love is Sweet!
6. Step right up to our Candy Buffet.  It's a Sweet addition to a wonderful day!
7. Sweet Shoppe.  [Insert wedding date]
8. Serving you a candy treat, just to say we think you’re sweet!
9. A little candy treat that's oh so sweet!
10. It was so sweet of you to join us!
11. The taste of love is sweet when hearts like ours meet!

Popular Candy Buffet Quotes
Step right up to the candy buffet
It’s a sweet addition to a wonderful day!

This candy buffet we are offering to you,
On this beautiful day when we say I Do!

Use the scoop, choose the candy you like,
Leave some for others, Be polite.

As you enjoy your bag of wedding candy treats,
Please remember, LOVE IS SWEET!!

wedding candy, candy buffets, wedding candy buffet, candy buffet table

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wedding candy, candy buffets, wedding candy buffet, candy buffet table

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