Our New Jersey Baby Naming Ceremonies!

New Jersey Baby Naming Ceremonies

What joy a newborn baby brings to our homes! The birth of a child is certainly among one of the most life-changing and wondrous events in our lives. At BestWeddingNJ.com, our celebrant Reverend Diane Cuesta will perform a loving & joyous New Jersey baby naming ceremony for this sweet new life that touches everyone in your family. A baby naming ceremony is a distinctive way of celebrating the birth of your baby and welcoming the new arrival into your circle of family and friends.

As an alternative to a religious christening or baptism, New Jersey baby naming ceremonies are a fantastic opportunity – before family and friends – to promise your child you’ll be the best parents you can be.

A New Jersey baby naming ceremony is a chance to remind all concerned of the great responsibility involved in bringing up a child, and to recognize and appoint those who will have a paramount role in your child’s development. During the baby naming ceremony, parents are made more fully aware of their responsibilities, as are the godparents (also called, “mentors” or “guardians”) and grandparents.
The baby naming celebration of your child is a significant and heartwarming occasion for everyone to feel involved and to offer their love and support for your child’s future.
Our Baby Ceremony Rave Reviews!
“It was such a great day! You did a beautiful job – everyone was so impressed with the ceremony 🙂 Thank you for all of your help! Please keep in touch. Talk soon.”- Love, Hayley & John Cuccolo
“You made this day unforgettable and so special for us, and we are very grateful! We got so many compliments about what a nice ceremony it was, and even the more “conservative” family members who were upset by us choosing not to have it done in a church were very impressed. Between the ceremony, the weather, and the people around us we could have not asked for a better day! I will be sure to pass your information along to all of my friends having babies. We absolutely loved having you, and hope we can see you again someday! Thanks again for everything! – Julia & Tony Aumiller
“Thank you so much for everything. My family was so impressed with the entire ceremony and personalized it was – everything turned out beautiful!! Thank you again. – Randee & Marc Davis
“Thank you so much for officiating our daughter’s baby naming ceremony. It was very special! We hope to see you soon.” – Jaclyn & Kyle Roth
“Thank you so much Reverend Diane! The baby naming ceremony was absolutely beautiful and perfect :)” -Lisa & Mitch Brown
“Thank you so much for making Olivia’s blessing such a special day!” – Isabela & Michael Gelb
“Thank you so much. It was a beautiful ceremony. I received so many compliments from family and friends. Thank you again.” Love, Robin Jenkin
“Dear Diane, We want to thank you for being with us during these special moments. It’s like being a part of our family . . . We love you!” -Laima -Liutihan family.
“Rev. Diane, Thank you so much for coming to do this for us and allowing us to welcome Cole into our family. We appreciate all the time & effort you put in to make sure his baby blessing ceremony was special for us all.” – In sincere gratitude, Carly & Chris ohnson
“Reverend Diane, It is us who owes you the thanks. We are so grateful for you and what you did for Cole. The ceremony was simply beautiful. You made it feel so natural, so personal. We really appreciate you and all you did to make the day special for us. We have gotten nothing but compliments!” – Carly, Chris, Caleigh and Cole
Although all of our New Jersey Baby Naming Ceremonies, also called, “baby blessing ceremonies,” are uniquely personalized for your child, a New Jersey Baby Naming Ceremony has six essential components:
• Introduction by the Celebrant
• Readings/Poems/ Baby Blessing
• Naming of the Child
• Promises of the Parent(s)
• Promises of the Guardian(s)
• Closing Words

Your child’s New Jersey Baby Naming Ceremony can include any number of additional components, and is limited only by imagination. Some examples for a New Jersey baby naming ceremony are listed below:

• Reasons for the choice of name
• Acknowledgement/thanks to Grandparents
• Acknowledgement of Absent Relatives and Friends
• Promises of Brothers and Sisters
• Planting a tree
• Lighting a baby naming ceremonial candle
• Releasing balloons/butterfly release
The fee for a baby naming ceremony includes:

• An initial meeting at the celebrant’s home
• A baby naming ceremony example, including examples of poetry and readings, and baby blessing ceremonies
• Subsequent phone and email contact to create your child’s unique baby naming ceremony
• Personalized baby naming ceremony certificate for your child
• A presentation keepsake copy of the baby naming ceremony
• Travel to the baby naming ceremony location
• Early arrival and timely departure

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Do New Jersey Baby Naming Ceremonies have any legal status?
NO. New Jersey baby naming ceremonies / baby blessing ceremonies are purely ceremonial and are something ingenuously that you, as parents, choose to do as a public gesture of love and commitment for your child.

Do New Jersey Baby Naming Ceremonies have any religious content?
No, unless religion is important to you or someone in your family, then you may consider reading or having someone read an appropriate bible verse.

Where are the New Jersey Baby Naming Ceremonies held?
The New Jersey Baby Naming Ceremony / baby blessing ceremony can be held almost anywhere – at your house, in your favorite park, at a hired venue or even at the beach! You can have a New Jersey baby Naming ceremony anywhere where you can safely accommodate the number of people you want to invite and where you have adequate facilities to cater in the way you intend.

How much will it cost?
A New Jersey Baby Naming Ceremony costs from $375. A $150 deposit is required to be paid upon booking, with the balance paid at the New Jersey Baby Naming Ceremony.

How long does the Baby Naming Ceremony last?
This will depend on the number of elements you wish to include. However, we recommend you allow about 20-30 minutes. An important thing to ensure is that the New Jersey Baby Naming Ceremony is not too lengthy, as there are usually a number of children guests attending.

What is the best time/age for my child to have a New Jersey Baby Naming Ceremony?
At a young age, children can have very particular sleeping patterns. You may well have noticed by now that your child is at their happiest in the morning, or the early afternoon. You should keep this in mind when choosing a time for the baby naming ceremony. Typically, baby naming ceremonies are held for children before 9 months of age.

What is the role played by the child’s Guardian?
Supporting adults that function as ‘Godparents’ or ‘Guardians’ play an privileged role in the New Jersey Baby Naming Ceremony. They usually hold the baby and make promises to support and take an interest in the child’s future. Like traditional Godparents, you should select close friends or relatives whom you want to play an influential role in your child’s life. They can be repeated as statements led by the celebrant or the celebrant can pose ceremonial questions to the guests.

What is appropriate choice for a poem or reading?
Popular children’s song lyrics and cherished poems are commonplace for baby blessing ceremonies. You may also choose an treasured excerpt from your child’s favorite bedtime story or ask one of the adults or children involved in the New Jersey Baby Naming Ceremony to write an captivating poem for this endearing occasion. Feel free to select from content that you feel is important to your family.

What else can we do to commemorate the day?
Bring a scrap book or guest book and when guests arrive, ask them to write a sweet message for the child. This message could be one of hope and promises for the child. When the child is older, he or she can read the lovesome messages from his or her baby blessing ceremony.

Who should be invited to the New Jersey Baby Naming Ceremony?
Like Baptisms and Christenings, the guest list will depend on the type of baby naming or baby blessing ceremony you want to fabricate for your child. You can have an intimate baby naming event with just family and close friends, or you can invite many people and turn the New Jersey baby naming ceremony into a lavish soiree. A favorable idea is to invite friends and family with whom you have an admiration for and that you feel can play a stalwart, positive role in your child’s life.

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