Best Wedding NJ Classical Ensembles!

Your Ultimate New Jersey Classical Ensemble!

The Perfect Touch of Symphonious Romance! If you are looking for melodic classical ensemble music for your special event, you have come to the right place! A Classical Ensemble a provides ambiance and elegance for your New Jersey wedding musicale!

Classical chamber music provides a wonderful harmonious background and sets an elegant and melodic mood, allowing for conversation among guests, requires no amplification and enhances both formal and informal occasions. Our New Jersey wedding ensemble can provide various instrumental combinations to fulfill your desired ambiance for your wedding ceremony and/or cocktail hour: Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello, Trumpet, Piano, Harp & Voice.

Whether you desire a Solo, Duet, Trio or String Quartet, just imagine the sweet sounds of a classical ensemble filling the air with beautiful wedding processional music for your wedding ceremony followed by cocktail and wedding reception music!

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Call now for a FREE consultation to personalize your NJ wedding ceremony or event! Call 732-262-3037 today or contact us on the form below. Since no wedding events are exactly alike, we will give you an accurate quote based on your individual situation.

At Best Wedding NJ, our classical ensemble musicians are committed to providing the highest level of professionalism. With their extensive repertoire, our professional NJ Wedding Ensemble will set an elegant mood for your special NJ Wedding occasion. Best Wedding NJ’s talented musicians will transform your special New Jersey wedding day into an unforgettable experience through the beauty and timeless magic of Live Classical Ensemble Music!
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Type of Classical Ensemble and the Wedding Location

Is a string quartet the norm? Not necessarily. There are several different NJ string ensembles you can choose from depending on your personal taste, the kind of acoustics the venue has and how many wedding guests you are expecting. If you are having less than 130 guests, a classical trio would suffice. You can opt for a classical duo if you are having under 80 guests. If you are having an outdoor wedding, then a flute in the ensemble would project sound across an open space.

Type of Classical Ensemble and your Repertoire

There may be classical instruments that you love hearing and others you don’t care for. Some people love the flute with strings and/or harp, or they may prefer just the resonance of a string sound. If you want to have more contemporary repertoire play during your ceremony or cocktail hour, then stick to classical ensembles with strings and/or flute. A harpist in addition to a string quartet and/or flute is truly heavenly for an elegant ceremony!

Choose Music Selections to Fit your Style

Keep a list of songs you would like for your wedding. From this list, the musicians can get a sense of what styles of classical music you resonate with and will help you decide which classical selections would be best for certain parts of the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour.

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