Bridal Shower NJ Ideas & Bridal Shower NJ Games!

Bridal Shower NJ  Welcome to and congratulations on your upcoming bridal shower!
Want a fabulous bridal shower idea?
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Bridal Shower Themes!
Bridal Shower New Jersey
Spa Bridal Shower: Massage Certificates, aromatherapy oils, candles, robes
Honeymoon Bridal Shower: Travel clock, sewing kit, first aid kit, travel book
Leisure Time Bridal Shower: Movie Tickets, board games, videos, CDs, cocktail glasses, napkins
Gourmet Cook Bridal Shower: Gourmet foods and wines, utensils, cookbooks
Happy Holidays Bridal Shower: Decorations for every holiday of the year
Recipe Bridal Shower: Guests are given recipe cards to record their favorite recipes. The cards are collected at the party and put into a recipe box provided by the hostess.
Kitchen Bridal Shower: Glasses, linens, utensils, kitchen appliances
Great Outdoors Bridal Shower: Flower seeds, gardening books & tools, picnic basket, lanterns, croquet set, badminton set
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Free Bridal Shower NJ Games!
Bridal Shower Games
To keep your bridal shower NJ guests entertained, take a look at these fun, free bridal shower games that we have for you
How Well Do You Know the Bride? – Bridal Shower Games
To play this bridal shower game you will need to make a list of 10 or more questions relating to what you know about the bride.  Each guest is given a piece of paper and a pen and asked to write their answers down. The bridal shower NJ guest with the most correct answers wins the game and a small prize.
Here are some question ideas:
What’s the bride’s favorite color?
What’s the bride’s shoe size?
What was the bride’s first job?
What’s the color of the bride’s eyes?
What’s the bride’s favorite band or solo singer?
What’s the bride’s favorite TV show?
What’s the name of her favorite film?
What’s the name of her favorite book?
What’s the name of the bride’s favorite shop?
What’s the bride’s favorite food?
What’s the name of the bride’s favorite actor?
What’s the name of the bride and grooms favorite restaurant?
What month of the year did she meet the groom?
Guess Who I Am – Bridal Shower Games
This is a fantastic ice-breaker which can be adapted to suit any bridal shower theme.
Just pin or tape the name of a different famous person to the back of each bridal shower NJ guest.
Each bridal shower NJ guest has to guess the name of their character by asking the others questions to which the answer must be ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ For instance ‘Am I female?’
It helps to maintain the theme if the famous character has something to do with that theme; however this is not essential and in fact it can be great fun if one or two of the characters have nothing at all to do with the theme.
Bridal  Raffle – Bridal Shower Game
Give each bridal shower New Jersey guest a small piece of paper with a number on it.  Then put a copy of each number into a basket or other suitable container.  The bride-to-be picks one of the numbers from the basket and the guest with the corresponding number wins a prize.  The prize of course need only be a token gift but if you would like to give a more lavish prize then this, if appropriate, could be the bridal shower centerpiece.
The Purse – Bridal Shower Games
Before the bridal shower, the hostess draws up a long list of items which you would expect to find in a woman’s purse and allocates each item with a number of points from one to twenty, depending on how unusual the item would be, ranging say for one point for a comb to three points for a mirror and five points for nail clippers.  Other items could be a driver’s license, lipstick, key ring with more than five keys on, a key ring with more than ten keys on, more than five credit cards, more than ten credit cards, etc.  Each guest in turn shows the hostess the items which she wants credited to her points tally and the guest with the highest amount of points wins the game.  If there are any items which are not on the list, or anything particularly unusual the bride and hostess could act as the judges to award a special points award.  A variation on this bridal shower NJ game could be to see who has the most items in their purse, or who has the heaviest purse.

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