Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is Best Wedding NJ .com?
The INVISUS PC Professional Grade Security Service – a comprehensive, multi-layered security system – always safe and secure.
What shipping method does Best Wedding NJ use?
Best Wedding NJ uses both FedEx ground and UPS ground shipping.  Go to our shipping page to see our policies.
Does Best Wedding NJ offer rush deliveries?
In most cases, Best Wedding NJ standard delivery time is 3-7 business days upon the order placement. If there is a need for a Rush Delivery, Best Wedding NJ express service delivery time is 1-3 business days to accommodate your needs.  Go to our shipping page to see our policies.
How do I enter your contest?
To enter our wedding contest, you must click on the “Enter to Win a FREE Wedding Ceremony Consultation!” at the top right hand corner of this page; and fill in your name and email address. If you are the winner, you will be notified by Best Wedding NJ by email.
What payment methods does Best Wedding NJ accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal through our secure merchant gateway.
Does Best Wedding NJ accept phone orders or faxes?
Best Wedding NJ does not accept phone orders or faxes at this time.
How can I sign up for your newsletter?
You can automatically join Best Wedding NJ’s e-mail list and sign up for our FREE newsletter by going to the left side of this web page, where you will find a form field to fill in your name and e-mail address.
What is the best way to contact Best Wedding NJ?
The best way to contact us is by e-mail.
Is it possible to exchange links with Best Wedding NJ?
Absolutely! Best Wedding NJ loves exchanging links with good quality and clean sites that relate to weddings in every way. Please visit our page where you can add your link to our site.
When and how do I get my marriage license in NJ?
Please see our Wedding Ceremonies page.
Do I need to take a blood test before I get married?
New Jersey does not require blood tests.
Do I need to do anything with my license?
Do not write on or alter your license once the Registrar clerk has issued it. Once the ceremony is completed, your New Jersey wedding officiant will file the license, give you a copy and keep a copy for their record.
What is the difference between a wedding officiant and a Judge or Justice of the Peace?
Many judges will perform very simple civil ceremonies only in the courthouse on business days during business hours.  It may be difficult to work around their schedule. Most judges will not perform a religious ceremony. New Jersey no longer has a Justice of the Peace. The position was eliminated a number of years ago. Some other states still have this position, but New Jersey no longer does. Our NJ Wedding Officiants are more flexible about where and when they perform ceremonies. They can also provide civil ceremonies that are more personal.
Where are your wedding officiants willing to perform my wedding ceremony?
Wherever you wish in New Jersey.
How long does a wedding ceremony last?
Most Wedding Ceremonies last approximately 15-30 minutes, however the length depends on what you want in your ceremony. If you have multiple readings or poems, a Unity Candle, etc. your ceremony will be longer. Your wedding ceremony can be as long or short as you want it to be.
How do I schedule my wedding ceremony?
Call or email Reverend Diane for availability and booking.  Use the Contact Us page on this site for contact information.
What happens to my deposit if I need to cancel or reschedule your officiant services?
Failure to give a written cancellation within 3 months prior to the Wedding Date will result in a forfeiture of all deposits. If you need to reschedule, our wedding officiants at Best Wedding NJ will be happy to accommodate you whenever possible as long as they do not have other obligations.
Do we need to meet with our wedding officiant before the wedding ceremony?
Whether or not you wish to meet with your New Jersey wedding minister prior to your ceremony is up to you. If you wish to meet, you can schedule a meeting in your wedding officiant’s home whenever you are available. If you do not wish to meet, your wedding officiant will arrive early to meet with you directly before the wedding ceremony to go over any last minute details.
Can I write my own personal wedding vows?
Yes, you can customize your wedding ceremony as you like. Best Wedding NJ wedding officiants are available to help you with any details.
What information will you send me?
If you are interested in our wedding services, we will email you a sample wedding ceremony and a wedding package, which we can use to customize a wedding ceremony for you. You will need to send us your deposit to secure our wedding services.
What is a Unity Candle?
A Unity Candle consists of one large pedestal candle that sits in between two smaller taper candles. During the wedding ceremony the mothers of the Bride and Groom, or any other loved ones will light the two taper candles signifying your current family. You and your fiancé will take the taper candles and light the pedestal candle together, signifying your new family. You can either blow out the tapers or leave them lighted. The ceremony can have a religious or non-religious meaning. There are different meanings for the Unity Candles.
What is a Rose Ceremony?
A Rose Ceremony is an old wedding tradition where the bride and groom, after taking their vows, exchange a single red rose to each other.  The flowers symbolize their first gift to each other as husband and wife as well as an expression of their love for one another.  A section can be added to include the mothers receiving a rose as well.
What is a Sand Ceremony?
A Sand Ceremony is a Hawaiian Tradition that can be used in place of a Unity Candle, especially in beach weddings or outdoor weddings. It is similar to using the Unity Candle. Two small containers of sand are combined into one large container by the Bride and Groom, unifying the couple.
Can I add a favorite poem or reading to my ceremony?
Yes, of course.  You can add as may poems, readings, etc. as you wish.  You can also have a family member read a poem or a bible passage.  Our wedding officiants are very flexible when it comes to creating your ceremony. After all, it’s your special wedding day!
What do I need to give you on the day of the ceremony?
You will need to provide the valid New Jersey marriage license.  If the license is not present, not valid, or altered in any way, your wedding officiant will not be able to perform your ceremony!  You must have at least two witnesses, over the age of 18, present at your ceremony.  They will need to sign your marriage license in my presence.
What will you give me?
The New Jersey Marriage license comes with 4 copies: one for the state, one for the county, one for the married couple, and one for the wedding officiant.  You will receive your carbon copy of the license to keep for your records.  Your wedding officiant will keep his or her copy on file.  Your wedding officiant will timely file the appropriate copies of the marriage license in the town in which your wedding ceremony was performed.
After the ceremony, how do I get an official copy of my marriage certificate?
You will need to contact the Registrar of Vital Statistics in the town in which you were married for a copy.  They will let you know what information they need to send you a copy of your certificate and what the fee is for the copy.
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