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Do you want your New Jersey wedding to stand out from the crowd?  Envision a New Jersey Mariachi Band giving a romantic performance, serenading your New Jersey wedding guests with their refreshing mariachi music, at your special new Jersey wedding event!  Best Wedding NJ provides professional mariachi musicians, a New Jersey mariachi band composed of four talented mariachi musicians, who combine popular, mariachi sounds from their voices, hearts and instruments that personify the rich culture of Mexico.
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Mariachi Rave Reviews!
Members of our Mariachi have appeared in different TV shows as The Rosie O’Donnell Show, Sally Jessy Raphael, One Life to Live, among others.  They have performed mariachi music for celebrities such as the former President of the United States, George Bush, the former President of Mexico, Lic. Ernesto Cedillo, the former leader of Dominican Republic, Pena Gomez, the millionaire, Donald Trump, the host of the show, “Late Night” Connan O’Brien, the Mexican writer, Octavio Paz, and more!
They have also performed mariachi music at venues such as Madison Square Garden, Lincoln Theater for Performing Arts, the Sullivan Theater (David Letterman’s studios), Shea Stadium, the Plaza Hotel, the Waldorf Astoria, the United Nations and a vast list of caterers and clubs all over the Tri-State area.
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NJ Mariachi Band Testimonial:
“The Mariachi band played for our cocktail hour. They were easy to book. They let us know different locations they would be playing at before the wedding just so we could go hear them play mariachi music before we booked them. I am Mexican and it was important to me that the mariachi band sound authentic. They were fabulous! The mariachi band played beautifully. I was really pleased with the outcome and our guests loved them! It really touched my family who had traveled from the west coast to be there. The mariachi band was professional and kind and very very hassle-free. I recommend them highly!” – Natalie
In a class entirely all their own, our New Jersey mariachis are an indispensable part of every special occasion.  You don’t have to be a Mexican-American to enjoy mariachi music!  The popularity of mariachi music has grown well beyond the borders of Mexico.  Using audience-pleasing showmanship, our New Jersey Mariachi musicians’ mariachi band will connect with your wedding guests as mariachi music fills the air with the passion of the mariachis rich, cultural provides New Jersey Mariachi bands for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries and even for a surprise, “I Love You!”  At we furnish New Jersey mariachis that consociate intimately with your guests with their universal mariachi music.  It is this connection that transcends cultural differences, making universal mariachi music the perfect addition to your special event!
Mariachi Music History
When Mexican musicians first combined their musical folk traditions with immigrant European musical traditions, their music did not have a name.  It wasn’t until the 19th century that these mexican musicians became “mariachis” and their music came to define a genre.  Mariachi music has flourished throughout Mexico and the southwestern United States, winning the devotion of mariachi music loving audiences across the globe.
Although the history of mariachi music is relatively well-known, the origin of its mariachi name is uncertain.  Mariachi music today is as rich with meaning as its past is full of mystery.  For many people, the thought of New Jersey mariachi bands bring images of suits decorated with silver worn by mariachi musicians serenading someone’s lady love.  For others, the picture is less romantic: leathery men strumming guitars on busy streets, or unanticipated trumpets in small restaurants.  To most Mexicans and Mexican-Americans however, mariachis are standard-bearers, inspiring nostalgia and patriotism through their mariachi songs of love, loss, pride, and joy.
Mariachi music is enjoying a growing popularity in the United States.  National mariachi festivals attract participants and audiences from across the country.  Mariachis appear on television and film as part of our popular culture as well as our history.  Nevertheless, mariachis maintain a intimate closeness with their mariachi music loving audiences that has not changed with their popular mariachi music success.
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