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Add a polished touch to your New Jersey wedding! offers safe, distinguished New Jersey limousine service above and beyond industry standards.  On your very special wedding day, leave the transportation details to our NJ limousine service chauffeurs!  We use an impeccible fleet of New Jersey limousines and our professional, trained New Jersey limousine chauffeurs offer Personal, Courteous and Premier Service that will have you thoroughly enjoying your limo ride!
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Arrive in Style!
Our professional NJ limo chauffeurs will exceed your expectations.  Your NJ limousine service provides you and your wedding party with a Tuxedo Attired Chauffeur professionally trained to service your wedding.  They escort the bride, carry her bridal train, arrange the bridal party movement at the church or hall, set up a receiving line, serve champagne toasts, and work with your photographer to set up unique photo remembrances.
You will be given VIP treatment as you sit back, relax and travel in elegance and comfort during your Once in a Lifetime wedding event, in fully equipped luxurious New Jersey limousines!  While enjoying the ride in private luxury, enjoy complementary beverages in crystal glasses & snacks, mood lighting, moon roofs, AM/FM/CD players,TV/DVD Players and the full Red Carpet New Jersey Limo treatment!
new jersey limousine, nj limousine, new jersey limos, nj limo, limousine rental nj would be honored to offer you New Jersey limousine and/or Party Bus service on your big day.  Discover that our New Jersey limousine service rates are extremely competitive.
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Reserve your limo early for your event!  Call 732-262-3037 today or contact us on the form below.  Our New Jersey limo service will give you an accurate quote based on your individual situation.
New Jersey Limousine Wedding Planning Tips
When do you start shopping for your New Jersey limousine rental?
A good time to begin your New Jersey limousine shopping is 6 to 9 months before your wedding date.  Delays in your shopping could result in not finding your limousine of choice.  Conversely, most New Jersey limousine companies do not handle inquiries which extend beyond 1 year.  To be taken seriously by a NJ limo service, it is best to begin your shopping duties within a year of your wedding date.
Will my bridal party fit in the limousine?
Most New Jersey limousines simply are not big enough to accommodate 12-14 people.  Exotic vehicles can accommodate larger parties and are more expensive.  When shopping, for NJ limos make sure you specify the number of passengers you want traveling.  Although a limo might be designated as a “10 passenger” limousine, it may be difficult to squeeze 10 adults dressed in formal attire in such a vehicle. Instead, you may then opt for a party bus!
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The History of the Limousine
The First Stretch Limousine
The first actual stretch limousine was created in Arkansas around 1928.  They were often reffered to as “big band buses” because these classic limousines were mainly used to transport famous big band leaders, their orchestras, as well as their instruments to various parts if the United States.
Since the 1700s
In some form or another, the concept of a chauffeured vehicle has been in existence since the 1700’s.  Developed with the wealthy in mind, they started as horse drawn carriages, gilded in gold and pulled by only the finest animals.  The word limousine, is a feminine adjective formed from the word, “Limoges,” which is the province in France that started it all.  The notable feature that makes limousines contrastive from other vehicles, or in this case carriages, is that the driver is in an entirely separate compartment from their fare.
Engine-Powered Limousines
The first automobile limousine developed in 1902 was designed so the driver sat outside under a covered compartment.  Thus bringing us back to the origin of the word limousine, called that because this covered compartment physically resembled the cloak hood worn by those that resided in Limoges.
Growth in the 30s
In the 1930’s, limousines really started to take off.  Limousines were used to transport guests of hotels from the airport to the hotel and also on different sightseeing tours.  Thus, the name “Airporter Stretch Coach” was born.  After seeing the growing popularity of the limousine service, the movie industry immediately jumped on board.  They used limousines to carry film crew and stage personnel around movie sets.  During that time, limousine service also became a colloquial accessory for movie actors and actresses.  You weren’t considered savvy, unless you arrived in a stretch limousine!
High End Transportation
Soon afterward, the six-door limousine was invented.  These limousines were typically funeral cars and were built on top of a Cadillac Chasis.  Over time, limousine service continued to become more and more popular.  Limousines were used to transport everyone from movie stars to the President of the United States wherever they needed.
No Drinking & Driving
Along with the comfort, style and other luxury benefits, limousines useage have grown in many countries, especially in the US, due to the “no drink – drive” policies implemented by governments, because travellers in vehicles cannot have open alcohol containers, and must be separated from the driver.
Recent New Jersey Limousine Trends
Today, limousine services are still used to shuttle the rich and famous, however limousines are also designed to carry much larger numbers of people.  The addition of new technologies and the different types of vehicles available to stretch, has led to a rise in the modern limousines.  New Jersey limousine service is perfect for shuttling large numbers of people around to parties, clubs, New Jersey weddings and wine tours. Come inquire about our New Jersey limousine services today!
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New Jersey Limousine Service
Let Best Wedding NJ help you make the most important day of your life as wonderful and stress free as possible!  Our highly-qualified New Jersey limousine chauffeurs will treat you like royalty.  Nothing is too much trouble to ensure that your wedding plans are carried through.  After all, it is your special wedding day.  The biggest complaint about New Jersey limousine service is the “no show”, or late show.  Whether it’s as simple as getting you to the wedding venue on time, making sure that the champagne is on ice, or sending you off on your honeymoon, our professional, courteous New Jersey limousine chauffeurs will accommodate whatever your heart desires on your wedding day!  Contact us for our New Jersey limousine service rates today!
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