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Make your New Jersey Wedding an Affair to Remember!  Is your heart set on having the greatest time of your life?  BestWeddingNJ.com wants to make your wedding exhilerating and one-of-a-kind with our best NJ Wedding DJs providing quality DJ entertainment at affordable prices.  Since your wedding is one of the most important days in your life, one of your questions will be, “Which DJs will I trust to entertain my guests?”  At BestWeddingNJ.com, you work with Top Notch professional NJ wedding DJs!
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Our Versatile NJ Wedding DJs
BestWeddingNJ.com’s NJ wedding DJs are highly trained and have experience with all types of affairs.  Although we specialize in weddings, we also do Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteens, Corporate Events, Picnics, Pool Parties, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries and much more!  Our DJs are knowledgeable in musicales such as: Big Band, Top 40, Alternative, Classical, Disco, Oldies, Hip Hop, Club, Techno, and Rock and Roll.  Our wedding DJs in NJ are able to entertain and satiate everyone’s taste!
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NJ Wedding DJs Reviews
“My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful wedding day!  Your performance as a DJ was just dynamic!  We had a ball at our wedding, we danced all night long, along with most of our guests!  Since I’ve been back from my honeymoon, friends and family who attended my wedding told me what a wonderful time they had, and took the time to say what a great DJ I had!  Your enthusiasm and group participation really kept the party going.  I can’t wait to see our video, so I can relive it again and again!  Once again thanks so much for making our wedding day that much more special and enjoyable!” – Sandy O’B.
“WOW . . . You are much more then just a DJ. Especially on such short notice! You are amazing. You went beyond the call of duty and helped us out a lot throughout the night. You made the wedding run BEAUTIFULLY. EVERYONE thought you were amazing and played AWESOME music. I wouldn’t be surprised if you book a couple of parties just from my wedding alone. A lot of people were ranting and raving about you! Thank You. Thank You. Thank You so very much. You have no idea.” – Jovanna and Andrew
“Thank you so much for adding to our special day. We are going to recommend you to everyone we possibly can. Everything was so perfect. We have gotten so many compliments on a great job you did, including our photographer who has been to a million weddings. Who would have thought you would have everyone dancing to disco inferno. You really know what you are doing. Thank you again.” – Christina and Tim
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Your Once in a Lifetime Wedding is a special day in which you bring family and friends of all ages together.  You will want to make sure everyone, young and old alike, has an awesome, memorable time.  Our unforgetable NJ wedding DJs do just that!  BestWeddingNJ.com believes great wedding djs in NJ must have a vast knowledge of music, not only of the latest hits, but of the classic songs that will get Grandma and Grandpa out on the dance floor!  From wild to mild, or casual to elegant, for the reception you wish would never end, our NJ wedding DJs break the ice with exciting interaction techniques ensuring that all of your guests will party the night away!
Call now to discuss your special day and how our entertaining NJ wedding DJs can help to make it A Record Breaking Good Time!
What to Know When Hiring NJ Wedding DJs
Have you heard enough of overly played classics like “Macarena,” “YMCA,” and “Love Shack?”  If you don’t want your NJ wedding DJs to spin “Joy to the World,” and other certain songs at your wedding, then you may want to make sure you schedule a point-by-point consultation with the wedding DJs NJ that you are considering hiring.
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Questions to Ask your NJ Wedding DJs
Who will be your actual DJ spinning discs at your wedding?
This one is important!  You would hate to spend an hour interviewing your NJ wedding DJs and like their personality, only to have some other DJ show up!
Make absolutely certain your contract spells out exactly who will be your DJs.  If you want the owner and not their employee it should be on the contract.  Your wedding DJs NJ contract should also mention what time and place they are supposed to be.  Call a month ahead of the wedding to verify.  All verbal promises made by your wedding DJs in NJ should be in writing on the contract.  Chances are your DJs won’t remember several months from now what they verbally promised you today.
What about DJ overtime prices, and other unexpected or hidden fees?
Your wedding DJs NJ contract should clearly specify all costs including any assistant DJs they will have with them, as well as special equipment lighting packages or other fees that they pass on to you the client.  Be wary of wedding DJs in NJ who give you low ball quotes, but only give you 3 hours of time!  If your reception runs longer, you may find out “it’s another $200 per hour or we walk out right now.”  You must also plan for DJ overtime in case the reception runs longer than the contract specifies.  Your NJ wedding DJs contract should clearly spell out how much extra it will cost you to have your DJs for an extra hour or two.  Do not accept verbal promises stating your DJs will work extra hours for free.  Put it in writing in the contract, or your DJs may not do it.  Don’t be blindsided like many brides and grooms are when their wedding event runs overtime.  You don’t want surprises!  Your wedding DJs NJ contract should cover all the bases so you know exactly how much your DJs will cost you.
What attire will your NJ wedding DJs wear at your wedding?
Sounds like a no brainer, but you usually want your NJ wedding DJs to wear a tuxedo.  You don’t want your DJs wearing jeans and a shirt hanging out!  At BestWeddingNJ.com all of our NJ wedding DJs are professionals!
Discuss the Music Ahead of Time
Your once in a lifetime wedding is a special day in which you bring family and friends of all ages together.  You will want to make sure everyone, young and old alike, has a wonderful, memorable time.  Booking reliable NJ wedding DJs is an essential decision for the success of your wedding reception.  Come to know that versatile NJ wedding DJs will be open to your suggestions.  However, DJs cannot know what your musical preferences are without your communication.  Professional wedding DJs in NJ will play from your desired song list, be willing to play requests and give you feedback for your reception.  Once your reception is under way, the last thing you want to do is complain to your DJs!  Consulting with your wedding DJs NJ ahead of time will save you a lot of frustration when you and your guests are ready to dance the night away.  Is your heart set on having the greatest time of your life? Then make your New Jersey wedding an affair to remember with the best NJ wedding DJs!
When interviewing your NJ wedding DJs, ask your prospective wedding DJs in NJ what type of music they typically play at a reception.  Before hiring the DJs, see if they are willing to play musical choices that go with your mood, tastes and style.  When wedding DJs are willing to work with you, they will accept a Play List and a Don’t Play list.  This will guarantee that the music selections that you want to hear will definitely be played and the songs you don’t want played won’t be.  Once our DJs understand your preferences, they will be able to personalize your wedding and give you suggestions that will create a unique musical selection simply perfect for your wedding!
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Your NJ Wedding DJs & Your Reception
Imagine . . . it’s during your cocktail hour, and your guests will enter into the room where your best NJ wedding DJs will be playing upbeat popular music.  This background music fills the air as your guests arrive, mingle, enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres.  As your guests make their way into the main room, your wedding DJs NJ will be spinning similar music as everyone finds their seats.  It’s during this time outside the room the Bride and Groom along with parents and the bridal party are being lined up to be introduced.  Our wedding DJs will be going over the names for the introductions one last time, and will make sure everyone is in the correct order.
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Now comes the part of the evening everyone is waiting for!  Your professional NJ wedding DJs welcome your guests, start up the music, the entrance doors open and the introductions begin!  Finally you hear “Please Welcome Our Bride and Groom, For the First Time Together as Husband and Wife, Mr. & Mrs.,” and you make a grand entrance into the room to see all your family and friends standing and cheering!  As you make your way through the center of your bridal party, your NJ wedding DJs announce your first dance.  All eyes are on you as you enjoy this very romantic dance together.  The bridal party is asked to join in and once again there’s a big round of applause.  Once the bridal party heads to their table it’s time for another special dance.  The bride may dance with her father and groom with his mother.  Once the tears of joy are mopped off the dance floor, there may be a blessing by your NJ Wedding officiant followed by the best man’s toast.
With the majority of formalities now over the first course is served and the dance floor is usually opened to all your guests, and it’s PARTY TIME!
Your NJ wedding DJs will have your guests up and dancing between all dinner courses, and when seated, soft music once again is used to fill the air.  This will allow your guests to talk at the table without straining to hear each other.
After dinner, it’s time to really get the party started!  That’s when your wedding DJs NJ will get your crowd on the floor to every type of hot dance music known; including fun line dances and participation dances.  Your guests will welcome the chance to take a break as we get to the last couple of traditional events of the evening.
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The Cake Cutting, Garter and Bouquet toss are next.  These are always fun and your NJ wedding DJs will be sure to get the crowd involved to keep the attention on what’s happening on the dance floor.  Usually dessert is served immediately following and the evening ends with dancing.  Your wedding DJs NJ will happily take requests throughout the reception.*
*This is just an example of a typical wedding reception, and of course, all things listed above are optional.  It’s your day and you’re in charge!  Everything is custom tailored by our best NJ wedding DJs to your individual taste.
Since your wedding is one of the most important days in your life, one of your questions will be, “Which wedding DJs in NJ can I trust to entertain my guests?  Hiring truly talented, experienced wedding DJs in NJ will make all the difference in creating a great wedding atmosphere.  Something to consider is whether or not your NJ wedding DJs are trained professionals that will absolutely guide your event flawlessly from beginning to end.  Inquire if your DJs are talented in music knowledge, and in their blending and mixing skills.  Maybe you can ask to see your NJ wedding DJs in action at a party event beforehand.  Also decide what style of event DJs you desire.  Decide whether you want wedding DJs in NJ whose personalities are enthusiastic and really know how to keep the party going or more on the mellow style.
Decide if you want our best NJ wedding DJs to MC, joke between the songs and include group participation or if you want your wedding DJs to smoothly and quietly run the reception.  Another important question to ask is whether your NJ wedding DJs use professional audio equipment.  Not only do you want DJs to play your favorite tunes, you definitely want the DJs’ music to sound professional and not just off an iPod.  Although professional gear does not guarantee the talent of wedding DJs in NJ, it definitely makes a big difference when your NJ wedding DJs are using professional-grade sound gear.  In addition, ask your DJs if they provide backup equipment in case of an unexpected emergency.
Finally, it is a good idea to have your NJ wedding DJs booking confirmed in a written contract.  The traditional initial payment for wedding DJs NJ prices is 50%.  Current rates for the wedding DJs in NJ industry vary greatly, with an average of $1,200.00 for a 4 hour booking.  A full-service NJ wedding DJs company will normally invest many hours in your special event even though it appears that you are only paying for 4 hours.  Your DJs should arrive at least one hour prior to the start time of your wedding.  Your NJ wedding DJs should ideally be set up and ready to spin before your guests start walking through the door.  Come to realize that the lowest priced wedding DJs in NJ are not always your best deal, especially when you are planning a wedding.  In hindsight, most couples would have spent more money on their DJs if they had made their NJ wedding dj entertainment a priority.  So use these helpful tips for the overall success of your big day, and make your New Jersey wedding that much more special and enjoyable with the confidence that you have selected the best NJ wedding DJs!
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