Our FUNtastic Photo Booth Rental!

The Ultimate New Jersey Photo Booth Rental!

Do you want to make a big hit at your New Jersey wedding? Create a memorable photo booth experience! At BestWeddingNJ.com, our premier New Jersey photo booth rental company can rent you a vintage or digital photo booth that will add Extra FUN for your guests! On your special wedding day, celebrate with style! Entertain your guests with a photo booth complete with digital technology for fabulous photobooth photos. Having a photo booth rental at your wedding adds a truly unique opportunity amusing for guests of any age. A photo booth is great fun for Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, Graduations, Birthdays, Anniversaries or any other celebration or event!

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The Perfect Party Favor!
Our typical NJ photo booth rental package includes:
– 4 hours or more of Photo booth Fun
– On-site Photobooth Specialist
– Deliver, Set-up & Removal of photo booth
– Unlimited Pictures
– Duplicate Pictures (Digital photo booth only)
– Choice of Color or Black and White Photos
– Attendant for the full duration of the event
– FREE custom logo on the photo strip
– FREE Online password-protected gallery for 90 days
– Save your memories! FREE Scrapbook Albums provide you with an immediate keepsake!
– Plus you can save all of your photos to a FREE CD!

Why rent a Photo Booth for your wedding?
If you have ever been to a wedding with a photo booth you already know the answer! Our New Jersey photo booths are the best entertainment and so much FUN! The atmosphere at a wedding reception is full of energy. Capture the moment by getting your photos taken inside our NJ photobooth and then share the joshing images with your guests.

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Photo booths create life-long memories!
Those silly faces and sexy poses come naturally in the curtained privacy of a photo booth! There’s nothing like seeing who can make the goofiest strip, or seeing the charm of old friends together trying to fit in a small booth. Compare your photos; you might even want your DJ to announce a contest for the funniest photo!

Photographs created in our photobooth are the perfect party favor! Even your most modest guest will love a photograph of themselves, and they are fun to trade and collect. You’ll want all your wedding guests to have a great time, so have them remember your wedding by renting a photo booth from us today!

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Photo Booth Wedding Tip:
When you rent a NJ Photo Booth, tell your wedding guests to make as many photo strips as they want, however; have them leave one photo strip for you! This way you can save them in your wedding guest book! Guaranteed, your photo strips will definitely be some of your favorite wedding photos!

A Lil’ Photo Booth History

Photo booths, introduced in the 1920’s when strips cost 25 cents, were not all created equal. Those with black and white film were the most desirable among Hollywood elite clubgoers. Patented in 1925 by Siberian immigrant, Anatol Josepho, photo booths were initially known as Photomatons, according to Babbette Hines, whose 2002 art book, “Photobooth,” showcases thousands of her photo strips, which date back to the 20’s. When Mr. Josepho sold the patent for $1 million in 1927, and the deal was written about on the front page of The New York Times, photo booth machines became famous, attracting the governor of New York, Al Smith, and Senator-elect Robert Wagner to the country’s first photo booth, which was installed in Manhattan.

By the 30’s, photo booths were at fairs, carnivals, department stores and in train stations across the United States. Then as now, whimsical photo booths are a way to playfully capture one’s image. They also captured the patina of chic: in the 60’s Andy Warhol installed one at his Factory, where Baby Jane Holzer and Edie Sedgwick posed in it.
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The waggish popularity of photo booths today can be attributed to their appearance in the film “Amélie,” nostalgia for all things retro and even the recent appearance of Japanese photo-sticker booths in America have contributed to it. Photo booth services were listed in a bridal issue of InStyle magazine a few years ago, and after that, Hollywood inquiries increased substantially.

Photo booths even found their way into the Golden Globes show. Pat O’Brien, the host of the CBS “The Insider,” once greeted the Globe winners Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx by shuttling them into a booth. Mr. O’Brien also made funny faces in a booth with Hilary Swank and Annette Bening.

Jamie Lee Curtis, who rented a photo booth for her 18-year-old daughter’s birthday party said, “There’s something about the anonymity of a photo booth – that you get to pull the curtain and do whatever you want – that is very provocative and freeing, and dangerous.”


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