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Let Them Eat Cake!
The wedding cake is one of the great traditions of a wedding day. Whether your wedding is a lavish or simple affair, you want your wedding cake to be scrumptiously memorable! At BestWeddingNJ.com, our NJ cake bakers specialize in delectable designer wedding cakes and entirely edible favors for weddings and for any special occasion. Our quality wedding cakes are the grand finale to any event!

Our NJ bakers custom design each order to create a unique cake design for each individual client. We also offer a wide variety of gourmet cupcakes, chocolate treats and cookies!

Contemporary or classical, delicious and mouth-watering, dazzling and elegant, our distinctive New Jersey wedding cakes will make your celebration unique and special!

At BestWeddingNJ.com you can customize and taste New Jersey wedding cakes at our beautiful bakery shop. Our baker offers this service as an accommodation for our highly valued customers. For the wedding cake of your dreams and service with a personal touch:
Call now for your FREE wedding cake consultation and personal wedding cake tasting!

Wedding Cake Testimonials
“Thank you so much for our gorgeous (and delicious) wedding cake! Working with you was an absolute pleasure. You took your time and helped us to make sure our cake was everything we wanted and more. Not only did you get our vision, but you went above and beyond to make sure it turned out perfect. Our sample tasting cake was gone in about 3 minutes! On the wedding day, I was blown away by the final result. Not only did it look pretty, but it tasted incredible. Everyone was raving about how delicious it was, and I can’t wait for our anniversary cake! Thank you so much for helping to make our day perfect. The wedding cake is one of the main focuses at the reception, thank you for making ours perfect!!” – Amanda & Joel

“My husband and I absolutely loved our cake! You did a great job with keeping our beach-themed wedding by offering us pineapple upside down cake! The hand-dipped strawberries, cream puffs and brownies were just as phenomenal as the cake! I will definitely be using your cake bakery for every party I throw!” -Regina Maher

Please feel free to share your creative wedding cake ideas, pictures and cake designs as we always look forward to a new challenge!
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Don’t Forget the Groom’s Cake!
The grooms cake is a tradition from early American wedding ceremonies. The groom’s cake is usually dark (chocolate icing) to contrast with the bride’s cake. The groom’s cake appeared at the reception along with the wedding cake. The origin of this wedding cake tradition is unclear. Some believe it was to be served by the groom, with a glass of wine, to the bridesmaids. Others believe it was to be saved and subsequently shared with friends after the honeymoon.

Etiquette for Wedding Cakes

Etiquette for WeHere are some etiquette tips about wedding cakes for you to know:
Wedding cakes are displayed on beautifully decorated tables, which go in front of the main table without blocking the guests’ view of the bride and groom. A decorated knife is usually placed at the table.
Wedding cakes are cut after the reception lunch or dinner has been served.
The cutting of wedding cakes is announced prior to the cutting.
The right hand of the groom goes over the right hand of the bride, while they cut the wedding cake together. The first slice is fed by the groom to his bride, after which the bride serves her new husband.
The wedding cake is then taken away by a family member, friend or the catering staff to be cut. The cutting of the wedding cake is not done in front of the guests.
The wedding cake is then served with coffee or tea. Be aware that once the wedding cake is served and eaten, your guests will start to leave.
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Design Ideas for New Jersey Wedding Cakes

New Jersey wedding cakes are a great way to express your style and creativity. Wedding cakes are delightful works of art designed individually for each couple. Our professional bakers work one-on-one with you to design a unique, wedding cake to complement your style. Our bakers passionately decorate your specialty wedding cake like a work of art and create a moist, delicious cake using only the best ingredients. If you have specific ideas for your New Jersey wedding cake, our bakers will incorporate this into their design. Here are some design ideas for wedding cakes to create a delicious, edible work of art!

Decorate beach wedding cakes with edible white chocolate seashells!
Sparkle & bling is big in New Jersey wedding cakes, including draped diamantes and lots of sparkle.
Fresh flower wedding cakes are always very popular and look extremely classy.
Brides seem to be more and more interested in wedding cakes of exotic flavors, colors and textures.
Most good reputable New Jersey wedding cake bakers can copy your favorite wedding cake design from a photo, so make sure to bring pictures of wedding cakes you would like.
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Money-Saving Wedding Cake Tips!
1. Make your cake the wedding favors!
2. Give one favor to each couple.
3. Have your wedding favors double as escort cards.

Questions about Wedding Cakes

Here are some wedding cake questions to ask your New Jersey wedding cake baker:

  • Do you customize NJ wedding cakes, or are there wedding cake designs I can choose from?
  • Can I look at photos of NJ wedding cakes you have designed?
  • How far in advance do I need to order my NJ wedding cake?
  • What flavors and fillings are available for NJ wedding cakes?
  • Who will make my NJ wedding cake?
  • What is the cost per slice?
  • Are there different prices depending on the design of the NJ wedding cake or the flavors?
  • How much is the deposit I need to leave?
  • When is the wedding cake balance due?
  • How will the NJ wedding cake be delivered and is there any extra charge for delivery?
  • Will the wedding cake baker preserve the top tier for my first anniversary?
  • Can you make New Jersey wedding cakes that are kosher, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free?
  • Do you offer a tasting session of NJ wedding cakes? Is there a charge? How many people can come to the tasting?
  • Does the wedding cake baker use real or sugar flowers on the NJ wedding cakes?
  • Will the wedding cake baker supply a wedding cake topper for me?
  • Will the wedding cake baker supply me with a wedding cake stand, cake knife and server? Are there extra charges for these items?

Cutting Wedding Cakes

Cutting of the Wedding Cakes – New Jersey wedding cakes take center stage in the traditional cake cutting ceremony, symbolically the first task that bride and groom perform jointly as husband and wife. Most of us have witnessed this wedding cake tradition umpteen times. The first piece of wedding cake is cut by the bride with the assistance of the groom. This wedding cake task originally was delegated exclusively to the bride. It was she who cut the wedding cake for sharing with her guests. Distributing pieces of wedding cake to one’s guests is a part of that tradition from the Roman Empire when guests clamored for the crumbs. However, as the number of wedding party guests grew, so did the size of wedding cakes, making the distribution process impossible for the bride to undertake on her own.

The cutting of wedding cakes became more challenging with multi-tiered cakes, because the icing had to be hard enough to support the weight of wedding cakes. This made cutting wedding cakes a joint project. After the wedding cake cutting ceremony, the couple proceed to feed one other from first slice. This provides another lovesome piece of symbolism, the mutual commitment of bride and groom to provide for one another.

White Wedding Cakes

White Wedding Cakes – By the mid sixteenth century, sugar was plentiful in England. The more refined the sugar, the whiter it was. Pure white icing soon became a staple for wedding cakes. Not only did the white color allude to the bride’s virginity, but white was a status symbol, a display of the family’s wealth. Eventually tiered wedding cakes, with their cement-like supports of decorative icing, also advertised affluence. Formal wedding cakes became bigger and more elaborate through the Victorian age. In 1947, when Queen Elizabeth II wed Prince Philip, their wedding cake weighed 500 pounds! In the minds of most people, wedding cakes should be white. Nowadays, it is rare to find plain, white wedding cakes. Today, brides have contemporary wedding cakes coordinated with their wedding gown color, even if it’s not white!

Multi-tiered Wedding Cakes

Tiered wedding cakes – Once simple New Jersey wedding cakes have evolved into today’s multi-tiered wedding cakes extravaganza! Mock multi-tiered wedding cakes were originally prepared for English royalty. To prevent the upper layers of the exquisite wedding cakes from collapsing, real multi-tiered wedding cakes was created. Wedding cake bakers began using pillars to support the upper tiers of wedding cakes. To prevent the pillars from sinking into the bottom tier of wedding cakes, icing was hardened to provide the necessary support.

There is hardly a New Jersey bride today who doesn’t save the top layer of her multi-tiered wedding cake. Most couples freeze the top tier of their wedding cake with the intention of sharing their wedding cake on their first anniversary. Eating their wedding cake again as a happy reminder of their very special New Jersey wedding day. This wedding cake tradition has its roots in the late 19th century when large cakes were baked for christenings. Order your mouth-watering New Jersey wedding cakes / specialty cakes nj today!

History of Wedding Cakes

The History of Wedding Cakes – Wedding cakes have been part of the marriage ceremony ever since the Roman era. Originally wedding cakes were made of wheat, a symbol of fertility and prosperity. As a relic of once performed fertility rites, the wedding cake was then thrown at the bride! There have been many other wedding cake traditions over what to do with wedding cakes – such as breaking the wedding cake over the bride’s head, keeping a piece of the wedding cake to eat on your wedding anniversary, and having the bride & groom kiss over the wedding cake. Although some of these wedding cake traditions have thankfully passed, almost every wedding still has a scrumptious wedding cake. Delectable wedding cakes have become the quintessential symbol of marriage.
Years ago wedding cakes were a simple, single-tiered, often white (to symbolize purity) wedding cakes. Over the years, wedding cake tiers have been added and added, and the current contender for the wedding cake record was a 17 foot, 7-tiered, 15,032 pound wedding cake made by Mohegan Sun!



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